Lots of progress made!

Oh my goodness, I have not done a good job keeping up on this blog. I have been crazy busy with getting use to life on the bus, running my internet based business, holidays and lots of other things. But here’s a lovely update for you!

Moved on to the bus November 6th. Moved the bus from my friend Nicole’s property (who I can’t thank enough! So, so grateful for the 5 weeks I parked the bus there to get the thing gutted and the floor and bed in!) and moved it to my friend Cyndi’s place. In a very eclectic and awesome neighborhood! I also got BeBe, Max and Dax back from the amazing friends and family that were keeping them for me. Kodie, my shepherd/cur mix, is going to stay on with Cyndi, but the cool thing is, she’s 20 feet from the bus 🙂


Dax loves sitting on my desk!


Up until two weeks ago, this is what it looked like. Bed in the back, desk to the right, temp kitchen to the left.

2 weekends ago Joey and Tiffany came to help put the last 11 pieces of Pergo down and to paint some trim and build the IKEA kitchen. And Gabe came by to take some photos.


Tiffany cutting in the trim


Joey measuring out the Pergo




Love my WanderLust Bus


Goodies from around the world.


Floor nearly done!


Enter a caption




Tiff and Me


Tiff, Me and Joey


Electrical outlets throughout


I have 6 outlet boxes throughout the bus.






Inside the one cabinet. The silverware drawer is inside the dish drawer.


The pups have a bed under my bed ❤ 

Well there is my update for January!


The Bed’s Done!

I keep posting on my old blog, lol… old habits are hard to break 🙂

Flamidwyfe's Blog

Steady progress for the week. The bed is now completed. Joey & I designed it so that the entire middle can be taken out. You can move the mattress, lift the plywood base and then remove the three middle rectangles. This will allow us to bring in larger pieces of furniture or appliances like the fridge.

We also almost have the flooring completed I’m short one box. Oh! And the electrical is done. My bonus child Ashley’s husband Evan came and did all the electrical wiring in about four hours yesterday! And my BIL, Rick, stopped in to give us a hand today. Tiffany and I finished the painting on the lower 2/3 of the bus, too.

Here are some pictures of the progress…

Productive weekend!

Ciao 😊

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