WanderLust Bus Road Trip #1

Today is Day 14 of the WanderLust Bus’ inaugural trip and I’ve been having a blast! My friend Alice, a midwife in north Florida, is with me on this adventure.

I started on September 29th by driving from home to Apopka, FL where I met up with other skoolie friends and had an amazing weekend!

Off I go!

Pulling out of the driveway for my first big adventure!

My View

This was my view for two mornings in a row. So peaceful at John and Sarah’s place!

View from Kitchen

And this was the view from the other side of the bus ❤

Max and BeBe

The dogs and I enjoying the peace and quiet.

Seat Addition

Charlie and Jeremiah installed a seat up front for Alice to sit in, it even has seat belts! I nearly broke Charlie’s toe, trying to set it in the chair rail… he’s such an awesome dude that he worked right through it. Sorry Charlie 😦 And THANK YOU, Charlie and Jeremiah!

Also got to meet Roger from the Biggie Bus and got to see Christopher again.

The CabinBus

This is Jeremiah and Rachel’s skoolie the CabinBus… they have the most awesome, sunken bathtub!


The Skoolie Gang seeing us off on Sunday! From left: Rachel, Jeremiah, Sean, Roxie, Charlie and Sarah. Good People!


Alice’s new chair, covered in capulanas that I brought back from Mozambique!

Alice and I left on Sunday, Oct 1 for my mom’s in Gilchrist County. Had dinner with her and a good nights sleep, mom made us breakfast and we headed out from there. Destination…


SOUTH OF THE BORDER! We made it to the SC/NC line on I-95 and camped in Pedro’s Campground. My first campground overnight in the bus! I was able to hook everything up successfully 😀


Me and Alice at SOB

On the morning of the 3rd of October we headed out going north and ended up staying at my friend Mary’s house in the woods… what a quiet, peaceful night. Thank you, Mary!!!

The next morning we headed toward New England, through VA, DC, Maryland, Delaware, NJ and skirting NY, we ended up having dinner in Connecticut with a midwife I’ve known for 2 decades via the internet, Andrea. Wonderful time catching up and then back in the bus for the trip to Paige’s house. More tomorrow ❤





WanderLust Bus after Irma

I know, I know, I’m LONG overdue for an update… I’ll get to that soon, but I did want everyone to have an update of the bus after the storm… it’s 2 a.m. in Jensen Beach, Fl, but Nick, my awesome son, braved the rain to go out and get a pic for me. As I sat here, all the way in Beira, Mozambique, Africa, I began sobbing… I may have confused the poor housekeeper who only speaks Portuguese, but I smiled to let her know I was OK.

I am pouring with relief. Not being there in Florida with my kids, grandkids, mom, neighbors and bus, has been the hardest thing ever. I can’t even imagine what it was like at home! And the north part of my state (or really north of Orlando still) is not out of harm’s way yet… nor is my mother, who stayed in a mobile home with her daughter and son-in-law in the direct path of what is now looking to be just a Cat 1 when it hits… but for the most part, my area, south of the center part of Florida now has to start clean up… watching Jose closely (bastard is going to do a loopy-ti-loop!).

Here’s my bus… the fuel door opened… Nick closed it, she is fine.

Irony… my electric went out here and my wifi, as I was finish typing this… a common occurance here (like nearly daily)… i luckily have a mifi and a charged lap top… Get the lights turned back on at home… I’ll be there soon (Wednesday)!




Welcome to This Midwife Travels!

Welcome! A quick update on what is going on with me. I’ve just finished a birth down here in St. Thomas, USVI and I’m heading home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I am then back down here for a December birth!

On this trip I got to hang out with a couple of my St. John babies, Ethan and Summer, and their mommies Cassie and Monic!

Ethan and Summer

If you are looking for a traveling midwife, you’ve come to the right place! Please use the contact button to send me an email or email directly at sandiblankenshiprm@gmail.com.